The Surprise Trilogy Disc 3

The third of a three disc set released in 2011 featuring original compositions and an arrangement of the Gershwin classic “Summertime” featuring Charles Walker and some of Nashville’s finest jazz musicians.

“From the first to the last track on the album, it’s hard not to be in awe of the range of instruments used and the way in which they’re arranged. Opening up with ‘Surprise 4′ the track comes with just enough chilli sauce to get your jazz-buds tingling and thirstful for more. As the album moves onto ‘Where I got my groove’ you begin to get a taste of Chris’ impressive saxophone skills. The track ’Summertime’ takes the listener back to the 1950′s cotton picking days and if movie makers ever thought to re-make the movie ‘A Painted House‘ by John Grisham, ‘Summertime’ would make the perfect film score……Origami just seems to sum up the whole history of Jazz for me. It starts off with a blank sheet of Afro-cuban jazz music, the drums and saxophone providing the sound. Within a few folds of the sheet it evolves into smooth Latin Jazz incorporating the flute and piano to create the melody – reflecting the eras, but just when you’re enjoying the ride the next fold of the page turns everything on its head! Entering the jazz fusion era where artists experimented with the rock guitar (see ‘The Abominable Snowmann‘ by Manfred Mann) Chris incorporates this making it almost seem out of sorts, and just when you think the track is over what emerges is a beautiful sound featuring all the styles.” -MusicVein

“Chris West brings a feast to the table whether through his playing or his compositions. He has a depth of musical understanding that brings a freshness and profundity to both. Check this guy out, you won’t be sorry!” -Jeff Coffin

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